"Hammer & Nails was there when I needed help. I thank them very much."

-Ruth, homeowner

"Thanks is a mere word for the appreciation and gratitude that I feel toward Hammer & Nails, for all each and everyone has done to bless me with peace about my home."

                                                                                                                                  - Joyce, homeowner

"Thank you for your great love and kindness to us in installing the new storm door and wheelchair ramp.  They have both been such a blessing to us!  Thank you for treating us with respect and doing such a good job.  All of you were the greatest!!!  The ramp is such a blessing as it makes it much easier for us to get out and back in.  Thank you for all the kindness you have shown us."

- Richard and Carole, homeowners

"Thanks to all staff & volunteers for the wonderful wheelchair ramp.  Being the caregiver, this has made our lives so much easier to transport in and out of the home."

- Betty, homeowner